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69 products

Japanese Swords

The Art of the Japanese Sword: Our collection of Japanese swords invites you to dive into the fascinating world of these legendary weapons.

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Whether you're a martial arts enthusiast, an art object collector, or simply seeking an authentic piece, our Japanese swords offer a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and tradition of this ancient art.


Wooden Katana

Our Wooden Katanas are faithful replicas of the legendary Japanese swords in a non-sharp version. Perfect for martial arts practice, display, or training, these wooden katanas capture the essence of the traditional katana.


Tantos are small Japanese daggers traditionally carried by samurais. Our collection of tantos showcases the diversity of these short weapons, ranging from ancient designs to modern ones.


Wakizashis are shorter swords than katanas but equally impressive. Explore our selection of wakizashis, each being a unique piece inspired by Japanese tradition.


Tachis are ancient Japanese swords that preceded katanas. Their unique designs and rich history make them fascinating collectibles.


Ninjatos, also known as "ninja swords," are weapons associated with the stealthy warriors of medieval Japan. Explore our range of ninjatos, each being a piece of ninja history.


Naginatas are Japanese polearms characterized by their curved blade at the end of a long handle. Our collection of naginatas pays homage to these unique and powerful weapons.

Japanese Sword

Whether you're a martial arts expert, a passionate collector, or a fan of Japanese culture, our collection of Japanese swords offers a variety of options to satisfy your passion for this ancient art.

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Each sword is meticulously designed to capture the aesthetics, history, and power of these iconic weapons. Dive into the world of the Japanese sword with our specialized collections, from wooden katanas to tantos, wakizashis, tachis, ninjatos, and naginatas.