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Japanese Tachi

The Tachi, these exceptionally elegant and beautiful Japanese swords, are at the heart of our collection. Each of these Tachi swords is a piece of craftsmanship meticulously designed to embody the rich tradition of Japanese swords.

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Inspired by the grace and sophistication of the Tachi, our specimens combine high-quality materials with exceptional craftsmanship. These swords feature sharp blades and elegantly designed handles while being pleasant to handle. Whether you are a passionate collector of antique weapons or a martial arts enthusiast, our Tachis offer a unique experience.

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Each Tachi in our collection is a fascinating piece, ideal for display or as the centerpiece of your Japanese weapon collection. Their design and execution attest to our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and the preservation of the tradition of Japanese swords. Also, explore its cousin, the Ninjato.

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Explore our collection of Tachis and immerse yourself in the refined world of these exquisite swords. Each Tachi we offer represents a celebration of Japanese art and its lasting influence on Japanese culture.

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