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Japanese Tanto

The Tanto, a Japanese pocket knife, is an authentic weapon, hand-forged with exceptional craftsmanship. Our Tanto collection offers unique pieces made of high-quality steel, inspired by the samurai tradition.

The Art of Tanto: Each of our Tantos is a true work of art, combining aesthetic design with formidable functionality. These Japanese pocket knives have a long history and deep cultural significance.

Tanto sword

Versatile Weapon: The Tanto is a short Japanese sword that has been used by samurais throughout the centuries. It was a versatile handheld weapon, often carried in addition to the Katana or Wakizashi. The Tanto was used both on the battlefield and in everyday life, serving as a tool or for legitimate self-defense.


Japanese Tanto Knife

Elegant Design: Our Tantos are handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail. From the sharp blade to the finely decorated handle, every aspect of these knives is carefully designed to combine beauty and functionality. The blades are precisely forged to ensure outstanding sharpness and durability.


Tanto blade


History and Tradition: The Tanto embodies the rich history and warrior tradition of Japan. Used by samurais for personal protection and to demonstrate their social status, this item has evolved over time to become a symbol of Japanese culture. Owning a Tanto is delving into this fascinating history.

Tanto Knife

For Collectors and Practitioners: Whether you are a dedicated martial arts collector or a practitioner looking to hone your skills, our Tantos meet your needs. They are not only beautiful collector's pieces but also functional weapons for those wishing to explore traditional Japanese martial techniques. Also, explore its larger counterpart, the Wakizashi.

Knives tanto

Explore our Tanto collection and discover the variety of options available to complement your collection or enhance your martial arts practice. Each of our Tantos is an invitation to explore the fascinating world of Japanese swords.