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      22 products

      22 products

      Katana on Stand

      Explore our collection of katana accessories designed to complement and showcase your precious Japanese swords. Our accessories have been carefully selected to meet the needs of collectors and martial arts enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of solutions for display, cleaning, and preservation of your katanas.

      katana sword stand

      Stylish: Our katana stands are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They have been designed to securely hold your katanas while adding a touch of beauty to their presentation. You will find a variety of models, ranging from simple stands to multiple, wall-mounted, or tabletop stands to suit your preferences.


      Katana Cleaning Kit

       The maintenance of your katanas' beauty is essential. Our professional cleaning kits have been specially designed to take care of your blades, keeping them sharp and in perfect condition. They include everything you need for effective maintenance.

      Preservation and Enhancement: Our accessories are designed to showcase your katanas while preserving them. The katana stands allow for elegant display, highlighting their beauty and history.

      katana and stand

      Functional and Aesthetic: Whether you are a passionate collector or a martial arts practitioner, our accessories offer both functionality and aesthetics. They have been crafted to enhance your experience with katanas, whether for display, storage, or maintenance.

      katana display stand

      Versatile Options: Our collection offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer wall-mounted stands to save space or tabletop stands for an elegant presentation, you will find what you need.

      Katana Accessories

      Explore our collection of katana accessories and discover practical and aesthetic solutions to showcase and preserve your katanas while adding a touch of elegance to your space.