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Japanese Wakizashi

The Wakizashi, a high-quality Japanese short sword, is at the heart of our collection. Each of our Wakizashi is carefully forged, combining tradition and modern craftsmanship to create unique pieces. These swords embody the essence of Japanese sword culture and are perfect for collectors and martial arts enthusiasts.

The Elegance of Wakizashi: The Wakizashi is a short Japanese sword that was often carried by samurais as a complement to the Katana. Its sharp blade and finely crafted handle make it a weapon that is both practical and artistic. It was a symbol of social status and honor for those who wore it.

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Versatile Use: Wakizashi were used in various situations, whether on the battlefield, in daily life, or in martial arts. Their shorter size compared to the Katana made them suitable for confined spaces, making them a versatile and formidable weapon.


A Historical Heritage: Owning a Wakizashi is immersing oneself in the fascinating history of feudal Japan. These swords have been shaped over the centuries, reflecting the evolution of Japanese society and culture. They are the silent witnesses of the samurai era.

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For Collectors and Practitioners: Our Wakizashi are designed to meet the needs of passionate martial arts collectors and practitioners looking to hone their skills. They are not only beautiful collector's pieces but also functional weapons for those who wish to explore traditional Japanese martial techniques. Also, explore the Tachi!

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Explore our Wakizashi collection and discover the variety of options available to complement your collection or enhance your martial arts practice. Each Wakizashi we offer embodies the grace and power of the Japanese samurai spirit.