Customs information

Customs Information and Customs Fees

To ensure complete transparency, we want to provide you with essential information regarding customs procedures. Depending on the nature of your order and your place of residence, your package may go through the customs clearance process. The following section explains this process in detail and highlights important points to remember.

Please note that we have no control over customs procedures, meaning we cannot add customs duties or taxes to invoices.

As a buyer, it is your responsibility to settle all fees such as taxes, customs duties, or other charges imposed by your country's customs on your shipment. More details on this are available below. We cannot reduce the declared values on customs forms, as doing so would be illegal.

As a buyer, you must also ensure that the items we ship comply with the laws of your country and can be legally imported. This responsibility rests entirely with you and is at your own risk.

If you encounter issues related to customs and are unsure how to proceed, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to assist you as much as possible.

Procedure in Case of Customs Seizure of Your Order

If your package is held by customs, you may be contacted by mail or email by customs authorities. They will inform you of the steps to follow for clearance. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us.