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Discover our latest limited-edition katana, forged in very limited numbers, the magnificent Ghost of Tsushima premium Katana, a collector's item inspired by the character Jin Sakai in the game Ghost Of Tsushima.
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I gave it to my son for his birthday, and he is very happy with it! Fast delivery and remarkable quality!

New York, US

Zoro's Shusui Katana is amazing! The craftsmanship and hand-forged quality are remarkable, the blade is sharp, and the black color adds a unique touch. Perfect for One Piece fans and collectors.

Los Angeles, US

I recently purchased a katana, and I am amazed by the quality and detail of their products, as well as the promptness of delivery.

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I love it! The quality of their products is exceptional. I've placed several orders already, so I highly recommend it.

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I am a loyal customer, and every time, I am impressed by the quality of their products. They manage to make me travel with my favorite manga heroes, and for that, I love them!

Miami, US

This 40cm katana from Genya Shinazugawa is incredible! The craftsmanship is remarkable, and it lives up to the honor of the Insect Hashira from Demon Slayer. It's a must-have for any Demon Slayer fan.

Paris, FR

Katana US offers a fantastic selection of accessories for katana enthusiasts. My mini katanas arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I am thrilled.

Québec, CA

Katanas that are works of art. They are perfect for enthusiasts of Japanese history and samurai culture. I highly recommend this store

Seattle, US

I am completely satisfied! The quality of the work and hand-forging by the artisans is evident! A craft driven by passion for enthusiasts! I highly recommend it!

Paris, FR


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No! None of our mini katanas are sharp, to guarantee your safety!

No! Although our 40cm Katanas are made of metal, the blade is not sharp for your safety!

Yes, all our full-size katanas (≈104cm) are sharp and razor-sharp! They're hand-forged by our craftsmen for exceptional quality!

Yes, our katanas have been hand-forged by our master craftsmen for centuries.

All our katanas (real size) are delivered in a brocade box, with its silk bag and katana holder!

The katana is a legendary Japanese weapon that possesses unique and iconic characteristics. Here are the key elements that define a katana:

Sharp blade made of high-quality steel: The katana's blade is the heart of this weapon. It is forged from high-quality steel, creating a distinctive pattern through a process called differential hardening. This blade is renowned for its formidable sharpness.

Elegant curvature: The katana features a delicate curvature that is both aesthetic and functional. This curvature allows for smooth and rapid movements in combat.

Handle wrapped in cotton or silk: The handle, known as "tsuka," provides a comfortable and firm grip. Often wrapped in cotton or silk, it also features ornaments called "menuki" that add to the katana's aesthetics.

Protective guard (Tsuba): The katana's guard, known as "tsuba," shields the wielder's hand from the blade. It comes in various patterns and designs, adding a personal touch to each katana.

Artistic scabbard (Saya): The lacquered wooden scabbard, called "saya," is a work of art in itself. It protects the blade and allows for quick access. Decorative motifs on the "saya" contribute to the overall beauty of the katana.

These features make the katana more than just a weapon. It embodies the art of Japanese forging, the history, and culture of Japan. Cherished by collectors, martial artists, and craft enthusiasts, the katana is an unmistakable symbol of Japanese heritage. Every detail, from the composition of the blade to the artisan's signature, adds to the complexity and beauty of these legendary swords.

Welcome to Katana USA, we are a specialized shop in the sale of katanas of all ranges, whatever your budget and preferences. Our katanas are designed in Japan and handcrafted in China by our skilled artisans. With more than 17 dedicated katana forging masters, we strive to create the katana of your dreams.

samurai katana sword

The katana, a legendary weapon steeped in history and symbolism, embodies the quintessence of Japanese forging art. Among its iconic features, we find:

Sharp blade made of high-quality steel

The katana blade is forged from high-quality steel, forming a distinctive pattern through the differential hardening process.

Elegant blade curvature

Characteristic of the Katana: The katana's curvature, both aesthetic and functional, allows for fluid movements in combat.

Comfortable handle wrapped in cotton or silk

The handle, called "tsuka," is wrapped in cotton or silk, providing a firm and pleasant grip, with "menuki" ornaments to add to its aesthetics.

Guard (Tsuba)

The "tsuba" guard protects the wielder's hand from the blade, offering various patterns and designs.

Scabbard (Saya)

The lacquered wooden scabbard is a work of art in itself, protecting the blade and offering quick access. The decorative motifs on the "saya" add to the beauty of the katana.

katana sword

The Katana is a historical symbol of Japanese culture, with the blade being its central element. It is renowned for its beauty and efficiency as a cutting weapon.

Composition of the Katana Blade

japanese swords

The katana blade is meticulously forged from high-quality steel to achieve a perfect balance between sharpness, strength, and flexibility. The Katana forging technique is an art in itself, with skilled artisans layering and folding steel layers to create a characteristic pattern on the blade. This pattern, the result of the differential hardening process, gives the Katana its formidable sharpness.

These features make the katana an exceptional weapon, rich in history and symbolism, appreciated by collectors, martial artists, and craft enthusiasts.


If you are passionate about Japan, its landscapes, its culture, its traditions, and the katanas that marked the era of the samurais (Edo Period), then buying a decorative katana is an excellent idea. You can hang it on the wall or display it with a wooden stand for an authentic presentation. By decorating your space with a katana, you add a unique and cultural touch that will fascinate your friends who are fans of Japanese culture. Discover our range of decorative katanas with various motifs, highlighting the richness of Japanese culture, with elements such as the Japanese Dragon or the geisha on the katana's scabbard.

Katana Price

If you are considering buying an inexpensive katana, you are probably wondering how much it costs. At Mini Katana, we offer a varied price range to meet all budgets. The most prestigious katanas, made to order with the best materials and long experience, can reach €10,000 or more. However, we wanted to make quality accessible to as many people as possible. In our katana shop, you will find models ranging from €150 to over €1000. Each katana in our shop is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, even if a blacksmith is not involved at every stage. This approach allows us to offer quality katanas, with an entry range starting at €200 for enthusiasts wishing to delve into this universe.

Buy Katana is the reference for Japanese sabers and Japanese katanas. Discover our selection of katanas handcrafted by passionate artisans, designed to satisfy your passion for these fascinating weapons.

The Best Steel for a Katana

The most renowned and high-end steel for katana manufacturing is Tamahagane steel. This rare steel, with a high carbon content, offers an ideal combination of strength, sharpness, and flexibility to prevent blade breakage. It undergoes approximately 15 foldings, a complex and precious process.

Katana Origin

NAGASA, SORI, KISSAKI, MEI, YASURIME Each katana has several essential characteristics, such as NAGASA (blade length), SORI (blade curvature), KISSAKI (tip), MEI (blade signature), YASURIME (blade streaks), HORIMONO (engravings), and HAMON (tempering line). These elements add to the complexity and beauty of katanas, with each detail having specific meaning and history.

Authentic Katana

The katana is an iconic Japanese longsword, easily recognizable by its elegantly curved single-edged blade, paired with a circular or square guard. The elongated handle of the katana is designed for a two-handed grip, providing unmatched control. Originally used by samurais, who constituted the feudal military aristocracy of Japan, the katana has become a symbol of the finesse and skill associated with Japanese martial arts.

Katana History

The term "katana" itself is steeped in history. Derived from the Japanese words "kata" meaning "side" and "na" meaning "name," the katana gets its name from how it is traditionally worn: blade upwards and inserted into a belt on the side of the person. Understanding the etymology of the katana reveals much about the intended use of the weapon and the philosophy behind it.

Katana Characteristics

A katana typically features a single-edged blade with a moderate curvature, with a length ranging from 60 to 80 cm. It is traditionally made using a special Japanese steel called Tamahagane. The unique manufacturing process, which includes folding and differential heat treatment, gives the blade both hardness and flexibility. While its initial purpose was combat, nowadays the katana finds its place in various aspects of modern culture, from martial arts practices like Kendo and Iaido to decorative display and even in popular media.

Japanese Sword

Jōkotō Period
In the chronology of Japanese sword history, the Jōkotō period occupies the initial period, ending around the year 900. These swords are considered the foundation upon which later, more refined katanas were built.

Kotō Period
The golden age of the Kotō period spans from 900 to 1596 and represents a significant stage in the realm of Japanese swords.

Shintō Period
Enter the fascinating Shintō era, a period that redefined the katana from 1596 to 1780.

Shinshintō Period
A pivotal era from 1781 to 1876 that made katanas more efficient and easier to manufacture.

Gendaitō Period
The Gendaitō era takes us from 1876 to the present day.


In the modern world, the Gendaitō katana serves multiple purposes beyond combat. These contemporary swords are highly sought after by collectors, martial arts practitioners, and even filmmakers due to their exquisite craftsmanship.

Katana Type

Katana types can vary significantly, each having unique characteristics that distinguish them. There are three main types of katana blades: Shinogi-Zukuri, Shobu-Zukuri, and Kissaki-Moroha-Zukuri.

What Katanas Are Made Of

Traditional Craftsmanship: Tamahagane Steel
The essence of traditional katana craftsmanship lies in the use of Tamahagane steel.

Modern Adaptations: High Carbon Steel 1060
While traditionalists may swear by Tamahagane, modern katanas often use high carbon steel 1060.

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How are katanas made?

The katana is not a monolithic entity but a sophisticated assembly of specialized parts, each having its own distinct function.

Cleaning and Storing the Katana

Proper storage of your katana is essential for its longevity. Traditional storage techniques involve keeping the katana in a saya (scabbard) and placing it horizontally with the edge facing upwards.

mini katana store

minikatanafr is the specialist in katanas and martial arts practice weapons, including: bokken, bo, jo, katana, Japanese sword, ïaïto, wakizashi, Chinese sword, tonfa, sai, shuriken, kunai, etc., as well as accessories and equipment for martial arts practice.

Katana Shop

At Mini Katana, we specialize in handcrafted katanas made from the finest materials and following ancient methods. Our swords are ideal for martial artists, re-enactors, and collectors, as they are both beautiful to look at and entirely practical.

If you are looking for the highest quality katanas, other weapons, and martial arts equipment, look no further.