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15 products

Katana Wood

The Art of Training Katanas: Our collection of training katanas offers carefully crafted replicas of traditional steel katanas, specially designed for practice and honing your martial skills. Each training katana is a meticulously crafted piece of craftsmanship that combines aesthetics and functionality, providing an authentic experience.

wood katana

Inspired by the Art of Training: Our training katana models draw inspiration from the iconic shape of the Japanese katana. They are manufactured with safety in mind, featuring non-sharp blades, making them perfect for training, practice, and mastering martial techniques.

wood katana sword

For Practitioners and Collectors: Whether you are a dedicated martial artist seeking a safe training tool, a katana enthusiast looking to enhance your collection with unique pieces, or simply a fan of Japanese craftsmanship, our training katanas are sure to captivate you. They are suitable for a wide range of martial disciplines, including aikido, kendo, iaido, kenjutsu, and many others. The Tanto can also be used for training.

Katana Wooden

Elegance and Safety: Each of our training katanas embodies the grace and tradition of the Japanese katana while providing a safe option for practice. You can refine your martial skills with confidence, appreciating the timeless beauty of this Japanese art. Explore our collection today to discover these exceptional training katanas.