Katana Pack

20 products

20 products

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Explore our collection of exceptional packs, including Katanas, Tanto, Wakizashi, and much more! Bringing together a selection of high-quality martial arts swords and accessories, each pack is carefully designed to meet the needs of collectors and martial arts enthusiasts, offering a unique combination of products to complete your collection or enhance your practice.

Variety of Katanas: Our Katana sets include a variety of these legendary Japanese swords, each possessing its distinctive characteristics. From the classic Katana to the sharp Tanto and the agile Wakizashi, our sets offer a full range of choices to satisfy all tastes.

If your happiness lies more in the Chinese side than the Japanese, here are Chinese swords to delight you!

Sword Kit

Complementary Accessories: In addition to Katanas, our sets are also enhanced with a range of thoughtful accessories. You will find elegant scabbards, display stands, demonstration swords, and many other essential items to complete your collection or improve your martial arts practice.

Exceptional Quality: Each element of our sets is made with meticulous attention to detail and quality, while remaining accessible to all budgets. Our blades are hand-forged by expert craftsmen, ensuring their sharpness and durability. The accessories are chosen for their durability and aesthetics, offering a complete set of high-quality products.

Katana Pack

For Collectors and Practitioners: Whether you are a passionate collector or a martial arts practitioner, our Katana sets are designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Complete your collection with exceptional pieces or improve your martial skills with quality equipment at advantageous prices.

Katana Kit

Explore our collection of Katana sets and discover the variety of options available to enrich your experience in the fascinating world of Japanese swords, all at prices accessible to all Katana enthusiasts. Each set is an invitation to delve into the culture and tradition of Katanas, while respecting your budget.